A former friend of Meghan Markle has delivered a bombshell judgement on what’s really going on in her marriage to Prince Harry, amid swirling rumours the pair have potentially split.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s love life has been under intense scrutiny following reports that their relationship is on the rocks.

Some media outlets have suggested that the couple, who exchanged vows while the whole world watched on in 2018, are trying a trial separation with Harry sometimes opting to live at a hotel.

Meanwhile, other sources claimed Meghan is the one flying the coop and living it up in Los Angeles while Harry remains at their family home.

However a source close to the couple has denied these rumours, telling Page Six the stories were “literally made up”.

Now, an ex-bestie of Meghan’s has dished the dirt on what she believes will be the fate of their marriage.

Speaking to Mirror, Lizzie Cundy weighed in on the drama.

“I don‘t want to see any couples split up when any marriage falls apart. It’s sad, especially when you have children,” she said.

“(But) we could all see the writing was on the wall, it‘s very different when you’re a celebrity princess than being a royal princess and frankly Meghan just wasn’t up for the job.”

The 55-year-old socialite went on to explain Meghan wasn’t much of a fit for “doing all the roles that royals do”, like opening hospitals for example.

“It’s not easy, it’s not glamorous, it’s not like on the red carpet,” she said.

“I think Meghan thought she was going to be the top dog star of the show and Princess Kate was always going to have that role.”

In Cundy’s opinion, a potential divorce would be “in some respects better for Harry”, with the TV personality urging the world to look at the relationship from his perspective.

“We‘ve got to look at it from Harry’s side. He’s in California now, he’s got none of his friends. He’s got no family, he’s got a rift with his father and his brother, it must be very lonely at times,” she concluded.

Meghan met Cundy in 2013, when the pair sat next to each other at a charity event held by British Billionaire John Caudwell.

According to the UK news site, Meghan was trying to land a role in reality series Made In Chelsea and Cundy attempted to set her up with English football coach Ashley Cole.

Rumours that the couple have hit a rough patch come amid reports claims they are looking to “downsize” from their Motecito mansion.

“Harry and Meghan are reviewing their living options with Malibu being a place of interest,” an insider told The Daily Express.

“They have secretly visited the area a couple of times and have been out and about, looking at what’s there.”

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