A Los Angeles truck driver born with two penises is speaking out about his unusual sex life, saying several of his lovers enjoyed the fact that he had multiple members.

The man, identified only as Tank, suffered from diphallia, a genetic abnormality in which a male is born with two penises.

According to Medical News Today it can occur in one in every five to six million births.

In an interview with Soft White Underbelly, Tank revealed that he was sent to a juvenile detention centre after being convicted of manslaughter at the age of 12, New York Post reported.

Tank was a virgin until his release from custody at the age of 24 and set out to make the most of his extra organ after obtaining freedom.

“Women didn’t believe it when I told them I had two d*cks, but then I took them to the room they’d see,” he divulged in the video interview.

Tank dished details about diphallia saying he would ejaculate from both penises at the same time — even if only one of the members was being stimulated.

“When I was penetrating a woman, I would get a feeling but one [of my penises] is like at the side and feels like it’s gonna blow up,” he explained.

The truck driver also revealed that some women enjoyed the feeling of both of his penises at the same time — including one lover who became hooked on the sensation.

“She wanted to be a porn star and she wanted us to do a video together,” Tank revealed. “I probably would have made a lot of money …”

However, for the most part, the LA native claimed the additional appendage proved problematic in the bedroom.

He claimed it was difficult to have sex with only one of his penises at a time, while the use of two penises was painful for most of his paramours.

“I decided to get the surgery,” Tank declared. “It would hurt some women.”

Today, Tank has just one penis.

Tank isn’t the first person to speak out about his unusual condition.

Another man with diphallia made headlines after he answered questions on Reddit about having multiple members.

The man — who hasn’t disclosed his real identity — subsequently self-published a book titled, Double Header: My Life With Two Penises.

This story originally appeared on New York Post and reproduced with permission

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