Cafe staff in Brisbane were left shaken after a dispute over a public holiday surcharge, captured in shocking CCTV footage, turned ugly.

Footage from the Whisky Business cafe in Capalaba shows the man appearing to become aggressive with staff before allegedly hurling crockery at business owner Kylie Baker, and three teenage staff under 16.

After the 48-year-old allegedly threw two plates across the cafe, other patrons swiftly intervened to prevent further harm.

The alleged incident took place on the Ekka public holiday on Monday morning.

“Everyone was completely horrified, the kids were terrified,” Ms Baker told 9News.

The cafe owner claimed the incident was sparked after the man claimed he’d been overcharged for a nutella waffle, salmon bagel and eggs benedict.

“When he questioned how much he’d been charged, we let him know it was a public holiday surcharge.”

“He just wanted to argue that it wasn’t a public holiday,” she said.

However, Ms Baker claimed signage at the cafe informed customers that the 15 per cent surcharge would be applied given the public holiday that day.

Posting on Facebook, Ms Baker alleged that after becoming verbally abusive, the man then resorted to violence.

“The plates he threw with full force in towards the counter were directly aimed at me.

“The first one, which was completely unexpected, only missing my head by a couple of inches!

“The second one I also managed to dodge.”

Ms Baker pleaded with the public to treat staff with respect and dignity.

“Please be kind to each other, and to your hospo workers next time you’re out and about.

“We are just doing our jobs.”

Police were called to the scene at midday on Monday and charged the 48-year-old man with four offences including assault, public nuisance and wilful damage.

A police spokesperson said the man would appear at the Cleveland Magistrates Court on September 26.

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