Actress Margot Robbie has been praised as an “inspiration” after a picture emerged showing off her fitness skills.

In the picture, Robbie, 33, stands in front of a whiteboard next to London-based personal trainer David Higgins.

She has her tongue poking out and is flipping off the camera.

On the whiteboard are the results of who held a plank for the longest, with Robbie coming in second place at 4min 10sec.

She lost out to Higgins, who had an impressive 5min 32sec.

Robbie did manage to beat out co-stars Ryan Gosling (3min 2sec), Hari Nef (2min 15sec) and her husband Tom Ackerley (1min 36sec).

Fans have been left amazed by the picture, with many calling her plank time “impressive”.

“What can she not do?” one person wrote.

“We love a strong queen,” wrote another.

“Add fitness icon to the list,” another wrote.

While most were dazzled by her strength, fans from Down Under couldn’t get over how Australian she appeared in the picture.

“She is soooo Australian coded. Make this the flag,” one person wrote.

“There’s no greater proof that she is one of the most gifted actors of our generation than the fact that she doesn’t bust out a shaka at some point in Barbie,” wrote another.

“The most Gold Coast thing ever,” another wrote.

“I know she’d run a Pilates studio in the Sunshine Coast like it was the navy,” wrote another.

“Also Australian coded is celebrating like this while coming second.”

The cast of the Barbie movie trained together during filming.

Higgins told Pop Sugar the cast did Pilates and strength training.

He said the focus wasn’t about aesthetics, rather a “team-building, community experience”.

“I always find that the aesthetics come naturally when you’re working out properly and you’re looking after your diet, but it wasn’t ever the focus,” Higgins said.

“Barbie was more about let’s just feel good, and if you feel good, that’s going to translate on camera.”

Plank challenge

A plank is an exercise where you hold yourself up on either your forearms or hands and your toes while keeping your back straight.

The aim is to keep your core engaged and hold it as long as possible.


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