It’s been three years since it was last on Australian menus, but one popular item is back at McDonald’s just in time for summer.

Macca’s last had the McRib on menus in 2020, and it has been one of the most requested items since, with social media users begging for its return 327 times in the last year.

The McRib features a boneless pork patty dipped in sweet, tangy and smoky BBQ McRib sauce with pickles, onions and slivered bread.

But, for the first time ever, the McRib Deluxe is on offer. It offers the same as the original but also features McChicken sauce, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

The summer menu also features the Chicken Big Mac, onion rings and BBQ sauce and the TimTam Chocolate McFlurry – which has a chocolate soft serve, pieces of the biscuit and milk chocolate sauce.

Social media users were excited for the McRib but not everyone was confident that the TimTam McFlurry would live up to the biscuit’s name.

“Not holding out much hope on the TimTam McFlurry,” one social media user said.

“The Biscoff one was crap – just their usual caramel sauce and then some Biscoff crumbs. I was hoping for a Biscoff sauce!”

Another said: “I can give all those a miss.”

“I don’t care what anyone says the McRib is top tier can’t wait for it to be back,” another added.

One shared: “OMG finally Aus is getting the McRib.”

Another new menu item is the Frozen Coke Y3000, which is made using a limited edition soft drink flavour described as “future flavoured” and created using AI technology.

Coca-Cola Australia launched the drink in September to mixed reviews.

“It tastes like Bubble O Bill,” one claimed, as another raged: “It was horrendous.”

“It’s got to be banana,” someone else mused.

“I’m not sure why some hate it, it’s actually good,” one bloke chipped in.

The people behind the revamped summer menu labelled it one of the most “epic” yet.

“Our fans have asked, and we have delivered – one of our most talked about burgers is back, with the McRib here to kickstart summer with Macca’s this year,” Samantha McLeod, the marketing director of McDonald’s Australia, said.

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