McDonald’s has today announced the arrival of four new dipping sauces that promise to take that most perfect of foods, the humble Chicken McNugget, to a “whole new level”.

Inspired by countries participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup – which kicks off (literally) tomorrow in Australia and New Zealand – the fast food giant is urging diners to temporarily cast their Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce aside.

“Crispy Chicken McNuggets coupled with Macca’s famous dipping sauces is an iconic duo that gets mouths watering everywhere,” McDonald’s Australia group brand manager, Lancy Hynh, said.

The first two of the four sauces are available at Macca’s restaurants nationwide from today – a Wasabi Flavoured Mayo, and an Outback BBQ Sauce.

The Wasabi Flavoured Mayo is an “iconic sauce” featuring smooth and creamy mayo with “a kick” of natural wasabi flavours “sure to make mouths tingle”.

If that sounds a tad much for your tastebuds, there’s the more classic Outback BBQ – which has been featured on Macca’s burgers in the past. Described as “delicious and peppery”, the condiment is “perfect to be served with Chicken McNuggets”.

“From today, you will be able to dip your Chicken McNuggets into two limited edition sauces for new and exciting flavour experiences that are sure to get tastebuds tingling,” Hynh said.

“From spicy to tangy, there is a sauce for everyone so, get dipping!”

A similar promotion last year gave Aussies the chance to finally get their hands on Curry Sauce, a staple at British Macca’s restaurants. The “delicately spiced and fruity” condiment was similar to the famous yellow curry sauce sold at fish and chip shops in the UK.

The Outback BBQ Sauce and Wasabi Flavoured Mayo are available in Macca’s restaurants nationwide, via the MyMacca’s app and McDelivery from Wednesday, July 19 while stocks last. The other two sauce flavours – yet to be announced – will launch next month.


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