E-scooters in one Aussie city will start “shouting” at fellow riders breaking the law in a bid to crack down on hooliganism on the streets.

Melbourne has just rolled out a fleet of 25 Lime e-scooters equipped with advanced camera capabilities and the scooters will use real-time footpath detection and audio alerts to crackdown on illegal footpath and tandem riding, the City of Melbourne council has announced.

The “shout” will activate if a scooter ventures outside of its designated zone, for example a footpath.

Other scooter tech in the works include AI systems to prevent riders from ending a trip without parking correctly, alcohol detection and deterrence systems and a rider verification system to target underage riding.

Deputy Lord Mayor Nick Reece said the audio alert would “shout” at the riders and help crack down on the “hoon element”.

“We have worked with the providers, Lime and Neuron Mobility, who are rolling out new technology advancements that will deliver safer and more accessible city for all Melburnians,” he said.

“We are also working closely with Victoria Police to ensure the small minority of people doing the wrong thing are held accountable.”

Melburnians have taken up scooters with gusto since their introduced in February 2021, logging some 5m rides.

But Mr Reece said some residents were frustrated with riders breaking the rules.

Lime and Neuron are also exploring technology to create designated e-scooter parking areas.

The council is in discussions with other inner-Melbourne councils to potentially expand the e-scooter scheme.

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