Hundreds of pink suitcases at one major department store has prompted jokes that “someone is getting fired”.

TikTok user @_dj_paul, who works as a radio DJ and traffic reporter, posted a video to the social media app showing hundreds of suitcases at Kmart.

The item in question is the 70cm Albany Hard Case 4 Wheels in light pink, which has a price tag of $89.

The video was captured at Melbourne Central, which is the biggest Kmart in Australia, with three levels.

“Someone at Kmart’s getting fired,” Paul wrote over his video.

“Who ordered all these pink suitcases?”

Kmart shopper spots hundreds of pink suitcases in one store

Social media users made light of the situation, with some joking about how many they were going to be seeing out and about.

“Next thing the airport carousel will have 20 of these and everyone taking the wrong one,” one person wrote.

“I feel like someone ordered stock for all the stores and accidentally sent all of it to just one store,” another said.

One social media used added: “You get a pink suitcase, you get a pink suitcase, you get a pink suitcase, EVERYONE GETS A PINK SUITCASE.”

“I just got a yellow one. I don’t need another one,” another commiserated at the fact they’d already purchased a suitcase.

One said: “I already KNOW it was an employee ready to quit but got their last little prank off first.”

“Working in retail you know someone’s gonna walk past these and ask if you have any pink suitcases,” one commented. has contacted Kmart for comment.

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