Fake bodies wrapped in bloodied white bags have been placed outside politicians offices across Melbourne as a part of pro-Palestine protests.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles, NDIS Minister Bill Shorten, and a number of other federal MPs including Ged Kearney and Andrew Giles were targeted by the protests.

Child-sized dolls were also seen covered in fake blood on the sidewalk, with up to 14 of the objects left at each office.

The fake bodies were accompanied by several signs that read “Free Palestine”, “End the occupation” and “No more bodies in Gaza”.

Protest group No More Bodies in Gaza claimed responsibility for the act, taking to Instagram to condemn Labor MPs who they say are remaining silent “in the face of the mounting atrocities” despite expressing support for Palestine in the past.

“The bodies we have laid at the offices of the parliamentarians are equal to the number of Palestinian deaths per hour in Gaza,” the group wrote on social media.

“These deaths are not just numbers – these were living, breathing human beings with families and aspirations, who were murdered by the genocidal settler project of Israel.

“A ceasefire alone will not end the occupation, and without an end, the cycle of violence will continue as it has done for the last 75 years.”

Its understood that police officers have now removed the bodies from outside the offices.

NCA Newswire has contacted Victoria Police for comment.

Some of those who saw the fake bodies before they were taken away described it as horrifying.

“I can’t tell you how horrified I was…its concerning because small children are going to see that, teenagers are going to see that,” a witness told 3AW.

“Even I as a 53-year-old found it disgusting and confronting.”

No More Bodies in Gaza has vowed to continue its protest actions and rallies along with a letter writing and phone call campaign until the federal government responds to their requests.

Tensions are high in Australia as Israel continues to bombard Gaza in response to a Hamas terror attack on October 7 which killed 1200 Israelis.

The bombings in Gaza have killed more than 10,000, the majority of whom are children.

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