A young woman has gone viral revealing she was baffled when she realised the “strange” thing all Aussies tend to do.

TikToker Tiffany Krylov, from Melbourne, was in disbelief when a friend pointed out the behavioural trait that she too does herself.

“I had a friend point out to me the other day that Australians have a tendency to call items by their brand name and not the name of the actual thing,” she said in the clip.

The social media star confessed she calls all coolers an Esky.

“I admit to Esky, I don’t care what brand it is, what kind of cooler it is, for me – Esky,” she said.

Ms Krylov was surprised that Band-Aid was a brand.

“I did not realise that Band-Aid was a brand. They’re technically, I think called plasters, and my life is a lie.”

“If you think of any more, let me know because I love this s***, and I love being wrong,” Tiffany added.

Ms Krylov’s video has attracted over 521,000 views with more than 30,000 likes.

Fellow Aussies chimed in the video’s comments section and pointed out brands that came to mind – from Panadol instead of paracetamol, Tupperware instead of container, and Stanley knife instead of utility knife.

They also say Blu-Tack, Glad Wrap, Ziplock bags, and Velcro. Others shared their own experiences.

“Growing up my family called the sandwich toaster a Breville. And toasties we’re just called Brevilles,” one person wrote.

“As a Brit moving here this one always throws me, I will always say paracetamol and ibuprofen but people always repeat Panadol and Nurofen back to me,” an expat said.

“Coke instead of cola,” another woman commented while a third said: “We totally do this for soo [sic] many things.”

“Glad wrap! Even if I buy the home brand it’s still glad wrap to me,” a fourth person wrote.

This is not the first time Ms Krylov has pointed out the odd things Aussies do.

Back in 2021, the TikToker went viral when she noticed Australians say no in an unusual way — saying it has “two syllables”.

“So apparently it’s like a thing and it’s very common for people around the world to make fun of the way Australians say no,” she said in the video.

“And I mean I get it but you know what? I’m embracing it because the way that we say it is so much fun.”

Ms Krylov, who called herself a Pronunciation President on social media, said the best way to think of it is a “very whiny combination of the words “no” and “nah”.

“And the most important part — it needs to have a considerable inflection in the sound. You basically have to turn it into two syllables,” she said.

Ms Krylov’s was liked more than 28,000 times and attracted more than 1100 comments.

A number of Aussies commented that they couldn’t understand what she was explaining, saying it sounded like she was just “saying no a lot”.

“Aussie sitting here thinking … But you sound normal,” one person wrote.

“As an Aussie you sound normal,” another wrote with a laughing emoji.

But others loved her explanation.

“I never knew this was a thing. We can all learn something from TikTok,” one person wrote.

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