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A woman has revealed how she lost 24kg after shopping for a dress for a wedding became her breaking point.

Santana Kingi, 33, is a mother-of-three who has struggled with her weight since her first pregnancy. Before she fell pregnant, she was finding it hard to get to the gym as she worked a lot but being on her feet a lot meant the impact was minimal.

That all changed when she fell pregnant and found herself becoming less of a priority in her own life.

“I found with every pregnancy the weight was becoming harder and harder to lose because my time became even less and I looked after everyone else before my self, which talking with my friends I found was a “normal” thing to put everyone else as priority,” the South Australian woman told news.com.au.

She found herself putting on weight “rapidly”, she was time poor and found it was impacting her mental health.

“I noticed myself withdrawing from events and catching up with friends. I didn’t realise I was doing the purposely until I started losing weight and gaining a healthy mind,” she said.

Her breaking point was when she needed to go to a wedding and couldn’t find anything to wear, with none of her regular shopping choices having clothes that would fit her and she needed to go to a plus size store that didn’t care to her style.

“I was really beginning to lose my character. My relationship with food was unhealthy and although I tried eating healthy my portion size was too much,” Santana recalled.

After trying other meal plans where ingredients were delivered to her store, Santana, fed up, decided to try Lite N Easy. Her father had successfully tried it before so she decided it was her turn.

After the first week, she lost three kilograms without any exercise.

“I thought if it’s this easy let’s set a goal weight and challenge myself to make it to the finish line,” she said.

“Every week was different. Some more challenging than others but because I had a goal and was seeing results consistently it kept me motivated!”

She said the weight dropping off was a “huge game changer” for her mental health because she was looking and feeling better, her outlook on life was much more positive.

She then began to exercise by going for walks and sprinting runs, which was “huge” for her as the extra weight had created pain in her ankles and knees.

“I am confident and so much more happier. I post more content via my social media @tanathemakeupartist than I have in the past I couldn’t thank Lite N Easy enough for giving me a new lease on life,” she said.


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