New research has revealed cost of living pressures are forcing diet-conscious Australians to pick cheaper sources of protein.

The research, commissioned by nutrition and food tracking app MyFitnessPal, shows 36 per cent of respondents are now less likely to pick up red meat in their weekly shop, while 33 per cent are shying away from protein bars and shakes.

MyFitnessPal fitness coach and ambassador Luke Hines says rising prices are causing many Aussies to rethink their dietary choices.

“With prices of beef surging 14 per cent in a year between 2021 and 2022, it is no surprise to see Australians opting to eat less red meat,” Mr Hines said.

“Thankfully there are lower-cost alternatives to red meat, such as legumes, eggs and tofu.”

But he also warns that some of these can also be full of carbs, so it’s important to keep track.

Popular protein rich foods such as chicken (28 per cent) and dairy (22 per cent) have been found to be the top two food groups Aussies would look to increase for additional protein.

The research covered more than 1000 Australians nationwide, with data gathered between June 25 and June 29.


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