Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has made perhaps the biggest commitment of his life so far, unveiling a sprawling tattoo covering his entire back with Pokemon characters.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Kyrgios checked in at Ganga Tattoo LA in northwest Los Angeles.

Posting photos, the tennis star was keen to show off his new ink.

“Five artists at once at one of the best studios in the world,” Kyrgios posted to his story on Tuesday.

“Wish me luck, back is getting completely covered.”

“Studio days in LA” he captioned the photos, showing multiple tattoo artists simultaneously working on the piece.

The artwork features the likes of infamous Pokemon characters Blastoise, Gyarados, Mewtwo and Snorlax.

The 28-year-old has been open about his love for the classic Nintendo game.

While the former world No. 13 had the tattoo done in LA, the design came from an artist back home.

“Original design was created from my brother (Alexi Bouras),” he said.

“Dude’s a king and for anyone needing work done in Australia, he is your guy.”

Mr Bouras is an artist working at Addikted to Ink in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

“Thanks (Kyrgios) for letting me design your back!” Mr Bouras replied.

Already covered in various tattoos, one of Kyrgios’ more recent additions was unveiled following several weeks of drama.

Kyrgios got “Give a man a mask and he will become his true self”’ tattooed on the outside of his left leg in June, a line said by The Joker in The Dark Knight.

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