A terrified reveller who drove at a gunman as she escaped the music festival massacre said: “He was shooting like crazy with murder in his eyes.”

Music agent Noa told The Sun how they bundled in after she ­realised they were ringed by gunmen — and said: “I thought I was going to die. I felt so helpless. I am so angry.”

She spoke out as it emerged 260 people had been killed at the festival, which was devoted to peace.

Footage emerged of party-goers hiding in orchards as gunshots rang out.

The Israeli authorities compared the outrage to the worst IS atrocities and released a deliberately blurred picture of bodies piled up in a tent.

They said: “The world needs to know what we are up against. They are Hamas terrorists, but no different than ISIS terrorists. Same tactics, different names. Butchering families, kidnapping grandmothers. Desecrating bodies.”

Hamas gunmen surrounding the Supernova festival near Kibbutz Re’im in the western Negev desert opened fire at dawn on Saturday.

Security guards urged DJs to halt the music as 3,000 fans rushed to take cover as a rocket bombardment began.

Tel Aviv-based Noa, raised in Hampstead, North London, ran to her Jeep with Hungarian DJ Wegha, who she had booked.

They screeched out of the car park only to be confronted by eight terrorists spraying fleeing crowds with bullets.

Noa, whose family live in Manchester, said: “Two cars in front crashed when a motorcyclist ahead of them was shot.

“I stopped and opened the door to help him but bullets were flying.

“I glanced up and there was a gunman 20 metres away. He was firing like crazy straight at me, looking into my eyes. I yelled at the DJ to get out of the car and take cover. We hid behind the car doors as people from the cars in front who had not been killed crawled towards us.

“Then a bullet flew past me from the other way. I thought it was soldiers firing back, but to my horror it was four more terrorists, they were all around us, we had nowhere to go.

“They were shooting from all directions so hiding behind the car doors was pointless.

“I yelled, ‘Everyone get in the car’. It was a split-second ­decision. We leapt back in and three strangers with gunshot wounds also jumped in.

“I was so scared. There was a terrorist straight ahead, shooting like crazy with ­murder in his eyes.

“In about ten seconds I saw more death than ever in my life. I reversed at speed and span the car around.

“Bullets were slamming into our Jeep but amazingly none of them hit the windows.

“Cars in front of us were careering off the road because the gunmen were aiming at the drivers — and then the passengers when they got out and tried to run away.

“But I didn’t have any choice other than to drive through the gunmen. There was one looking me dead in the eyes and lifting the gun to shoot us.

“I started driving towards him. I put my foot down and drove fast. He shot at us from maybe only two metres away and barely missed the window.

“I continued driving while the back of the car was still being shot and didn’t look back. I drove as fast as I could and didn’t stop.”

Noa headed to a hospital 40 minutes away so her passengers could be treated. She said: “The people at that festival were peaceful, happy people who just wanted to dance.

“They didn’t have guns, they weren’t soldiers. They didn’t ask for any of this.”

Two of her friends were killed and at least four others were missing last night. They were feared dead or abducted.

She is pals with Noa Argamani, 25, who was videoed yelling: “Don’t kill me! No, no, no,” as she was snatched and taken to Gaza on a motorbike.

After targeting the main ­festival site, the gunmen fanned out to hunt revellers who tried to hide in scrubland.

One, called Ortel, said: “I went into a tree. I saw masses of wounded people. They had been sprayed with bullets.”

Among the missing was event security guard Jake Marlowe, 26, of Potters Bar, Herts.

He called his mum when the first rockets struck but has not been in contact since.

He went to the Jewish Free School in Kenton, North West London, which Israel Defense Forces Corporal Nathanel Young attended.

London-born Nathanel, 20, was killed in the first wave of attacks.

Another missing Brit, Dan Darlington, also attended JFS.

Jennifer Damti, whose Irish-Israeli daughter Kim, 22, phoned her after the gunmen opened fire, said: “Kim didn’t realise there was like seven or eight Toyota vans full of terrorists and they just shot everywhere.

They just shot them, slaughtered them like ducks.”

Former Israeli professional footballer Lior Asulin, a dad of three, was among the victims.

He had been celebrating his 43rd birthday with friends.

This story first appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.


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