A popular Officeworks desk clock has sparked an urgent recall over fears it could create a choking or swallowing hazard in small children.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission issued the recall on Wednesday over the OTTO Digital bamboo desk clock because the battery compartment is not adequately secured, which may make the button battery accessible.

The ACCC warned young children may be at risk of swallowing the battery which can lead to choking, or potentially fatal or severe internal burns that can result in death in less than two hours.

According to Kidsafe, an estimated 20 children a week are taken to hospital every week over fears they may have ingested or inserted a button battery, with one child a month sustaining a severe injury due to a button-related injury.

The construction of the clock means it fails to comply with mandatory standards for suppliers on products which use button batteries.

The consumer watchdog warned customers to “stop using the product immediately,” and return the product to their nearest Officeworks store for a full refund.

People can also contact the Officeworks through their customer service number (1300 633 423), or by email on support@officeworks.com.au.


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