Olivia Molly Rogers has revealed she’s once again undergoing fertility treatment, a decision she’s both “excited” and “nervous” about.

The former Miss Universe Australia, who first had the treatment last year while married to her ex-husband, Justin McKeone, told The Advertiser she expected this time to be “very different”.

“I’m feeling excited about it, I’m ready to do it but I’m also a bit nervy,” the 31-year-old said.

“I’m not so much nervous about the injections because when I was doing fertility treatment last year I was injecting myself everyday so I know I can do it, it’s just this is very different in terms of the amount of hormones.

“The treatment I was doing last year we wanted a maximum of two eggs … whereas this time around we want as many as possible … this time it’s a lot.

“I’m feeling a bit nervous not knowing how my body is going to react to that.”

Rogers added she hoped that she wasn’t “going to be an emotional wreck, but we’ll see”.

In a July TikTok, Rogers said she’d made the decision to freeze her eggs to increase her chances of one day falling pregnant.

“It’s just reassurance down the track to know that my chance of getting pregnant when I want to get pregnant will be higher,” she said in the video.

“I have previously gone through some fertility treatment. I was trying to get pregnant with an ex-partner, obviously that didn’t work out, which I think is a blessing.”

A growing number of Australian women have spoken out about making similar decisions regarding their fertility in recent months.

Psycho-sexologist and author of The Sex You Never Had, Chantelle Otten, revealed in June that she was undergoing hormone therapy to freeze her eggs a second time.

Otten, whose partner is tennis star and former Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott, said she hoped speaking about her experience would “show menstruators who are around my age that you can have a safety blanket and take control of your fertility by freezing your eggs”.

That same month, media personality Abbie Chatfield said she was “seriously considering” freezing her eggs amid concerns over her fertility as she approaches 30.

The cost of a single in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle can be as much as $15,000, while egg freezing in Australia generally costs about $5000 for the first cycle.

It comes after Rogers addressed rumours she and boyfriend Morgan Waterhouse, who she was first linked to in April, were engaged.

“I get asked this all the time, no, I’m not engaged,” she wrote on Instagram, addressing speculation sparked by a photo of herself wearing a ring.

“This ring was my grandma’s and was gifted to me by my mum.

“I wear it almost every day – always on my right hand. The camera on selfie mode flips it so it looks like my left.”

Rogers shocked fans last October when she confirmed she and McKeone had split, just eight months after their lavish wedding on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.


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