An optical illusion could help determine whether you lean toward logic or emotion, depending on what you see at first glance.

Posted to TikTok by @mia_yilin, who frequently goes viral on the platform with videos of illusions, your personality supposedly determines whether you see an apple core or the faces of a man and a woman.

According to Yelin, if you spot the latter first, you’re driven by logic.

“You’re a kind person and have strict morals, but you don’t like to be blindly led by the heart into making silly, poor decisions,” she explained.

“Instead, you think things through every step of the way.”

If you clock the half-eaten apple, however, your personality is predominantly emotional, she said – though noted it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re “unstable and always upset”.

“It implies that you are very good at reading hidden signals and always know the right things to say in social settings,” Yelin said.

But, you might also “choose to remain silent” and could feel your intelligence is belittled by others.

Dozens of viewers took to the comments to reveal which of the images they saw first.

“The apple. I know everything, I choose to keep silent but it can’t be hidden forever,” wrote one.

“I am actually emotionally sensitive, and my friends said I have bipolar,” said another.

“I saw apple first and you said literally the whole truth,” agreed a third.

Some claimed they saw both at the same time.

“Miss please explain about seeing both at same time, this lives rent free in my mind for years,” one commented.


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