Andrew Tate, the disgraced influencer accused of sexually exploiting women, has doubled down on claims women over 50 are too old to share bikini photos.

The self-described misogynist and his brother Tristan are currently awaiting trial in Romania after being charged with a string of human trafficking and rape charges at the end of last year.

Tate, 36, has denied all charges, claiming he’s confident he will be “absolutely exonerated” of the allegations.

Despite his ongoing legal battle, which has seen him spend several months in prison followed by a lengthy stint under house arrest while he waits for court proceedings to start, Tate hasn’t shied away from the limelight.

The former Big Brother UK contestant, who amassed millions of followers with videos giving “advice” to young men on how to make money and “pull” women, has been active on X, formerly known as Twitter, after his Facebook, YouTube and TikTok accounts were shut down amid fears his content “normalised violence” against women.

Now the controversial personality has appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored for the second time, where the British journalist grilled Tate on a number of public concerns, including vile comments he made on a TV host’s bikini photo.

Amanda Holden, a Britain’s Got Talent judge, had been on the receiving end of Tate in September after sharing a photo of herself in a black two-piece, enjoying an outdoor shower while on holiday.

“You are a wife and a mother and youre [sic] far past a teenager. There is no need for this post,” Tate wrote.

Morgan, who described Holden as “a good friend”, said the comment was “misogynistic”, adding the photo was “harmless” and “extraordinarily beautiful”.

“It’s a very harmless picture. She is in a bikini on holiday under a rain shower, looking extraordinarily beautiful,” Morgan said.

Tate was quick to interrupt him, stating: “In a sexual pose.”

“You can call me crazy, you can call me misogynistic, but I think once you reach the ripe age of 50, any woman should not be interested in thirst trapping on Instagram,” he continued.

“I think she has bigger responsibilities, I am sure she is a very intelligent lady and she has done amazing things.

He went on to claim Holden “is obviously very capable” and could do more interesting things than “standing around trying to thirst trap on Instagram like she is 18”.

“I think she is above it. I wasn’t insulting her, I was reminding her that she is actually such a fantastic person, she has done such amazing things in her life and she is so achieved, that she is actually above thirst trapping,” he ranted.

“I was reminding her of her worth, because as a feminist – we are all feminists here, right, we all believe in women empowerment – I am reminding her of her worth.”

Morgan clapped back, arguing the influencer – who said previously on YouTube he was “absolutely a misogynist” – appeared to be displaying a double standard as Tate often shares snaps “showing off his ripped body”.

He replied: “I think me boxing with no shirt on is different than a 50 year old woman posting …”

Morgan interrupted, pointing out he doesn’t “just box”.

“I have seen you doing ones where you wander around all moody with your cigar and you are topless and stuff, so fine for you?” he said, prompting Tate to state: “Are you a fan Piers?”

Morgan grilled Tate on a number of factors surrounding his fall from grace, going from one of the most followed influencers in the world to “the most hated man on the internet”.

Other topics covered during the “explosive” interview, which aired on Talk TV, included whether Tate was concerned about his impact on men, and why he makes “misogynistic” comments online.

Part two of the controversial interview, which was widely slammed by women who accused Morgan of giving Tate “too much airtime”, will go to screens on Tuesday.

Prior to the allegations made against Tate, he made countless viral videos promoting male dominance, arguing women “belong in the home”.

One clip stated females “can’t drive” and are a “man’s property”, while in a particularly worrying video, Tate explained he only dates women aged 18 to 19 because he can “make an imprint” on them.

Tate and his brother, who are both dual citizens of the UK and US living in Romania, were arrested at the end of last year alongside two female suspects in March and have been charged with a string of offences.

The trial date has yet to be confirmed.

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