An American police officer was injured after he was seen on video taking a violent ride down a giant metal slide.

The officer’s tumultuous tumble was filmed from the foot of the steep new slide at City Hall Plaza, a shopping centre in the US city of Boston in the state of Massachusetts, New York Post reported.

Loud banging noises, which sound like a pair of shoes rocking in the dryer, can be heard from inside the twisted tube before the man suddenly appears at the opening of the slide feet first on his stomach.

He straddles the edge of the slide and bangs his head on the other side before he’s launched onto the rubber surface at the bottom, losing his handcuffs and other items from his belt as he skids to a stop, a video, which has gone viral online, shows.

Cop tumbles down playground slide

“Oh f**k,” the stunned cop says as he slowly gets to his feet before the clip cuts off. A laughing onlooker can be heard asking why the slide was so fast.

The video has been viewed millions of times on TikTok as well as X, formerly known as Twitter, with cheeky users commenting on the officer’s unfortunate fight with gravity.

“Why’d he slide out like an ice cube from a refrigerator LMFAO,” one person commented.

“You gotta quit the force now. You’re on the internet forever coming down a slide like a f**king can of Diet Coke out of a vender machine? How do you set foot in the precinct?” another joked.

A Boston Police spokesperson told The Boston Globe that the department is aware of the video. The officer suffered minor injuries, he confirmed.

“He was hurt and used his own personal medical insurance to be treated,” Sergeant Detective John Boyle said.

“He lost no time and has returned to work.”

When asked if the incident is being investigated, Boyle told the paper “I don’t believe so”.

The immense slide, which may be the longest in the city, was unveiled as the centrepiece of the new $95 million (A$144 million) renovation to City Hall Plaza in November and has been popular among the city’s children, according to The Globe.

Signs at the playground indicate that the slide is “not intended for adult use,” and should only be used by children ages 5 to 12.

Several other videos online show adults making the descent anyway with similar results as the police officer, The Globe reported.

A clip posted on TikTok in May shows a woman flying out of the tube also on her stomach, crash landing at the bottom.

The teacher posted a follow-up video revealing a massive lump on her forehead.

This article originally appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission


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