An unassuming photo of Anthony Albanese has enraged some Aussies, who say it is proof the prime minister is “out of touch”.

Mr Albanese shared two photos of himself to Facebook on Wednesday, when he visited the locally beloved Marrickville Pork Roll shop in his inner west electorate for a spot of lunch.

One of the photos showed Mr Albanese in a blue Yes campaign T-shirt and jeans, squinting up at the shop’s menu through his glasses as he waited at the back of the queue. The second photo showed a close-up of his pork roll lunch.

“Nothing like the original Marrickville Pork Roll,” Mr Albanese captioned the post.

Surprisingly, a host of Aussies took issue with the seemingly innocent photo set. Many claimed Mr Albanese’s decision to step out for a $5-$10 meal from a local small business was evidence he wasn’t working hard enough.

“You know what would make it even better? Addressing the cost of living crisis and the housing crisis!”, said one.

Another raged: “Glad you can afford to buy a takeaway, not like the rest of us battling to make ends meet, higher rents, higher electricity, higher fuel, homeless people … the list goes on and all Australians are getting poorer under your government … wake up and start focusing on this country.”

Others accused Mr Albanese of flaunting his disposable income while other Aussies struggled to get by.

“What are they worth these days? $13.00 in Broome. A luxury priced item,” commented one.

“Albo..lucky you can afford it … or did you just put it on your expenses?” asked another.

“I‘d like to try one I suppose. But the cost of living says otherwise,” added a third.

Not everyone was so critical, though.

“Love these photos. He’s in a queue. No ceremony here. Love Albo!” wrote one fan.

“Throw in a beer, make Hawke proud,” joked a second.

Some of Mr Albanese’s fellow politicians got in on the fun, using the post as an opportunity to spruik the snacks at their own locals.

“I’m sure it’s good PM Anthony Albanese, but does it beat a Wallsend Bakery Bahn Mi??” asked Sonia Hornery, who represents Wallsend in the NSW parliament.

Dan Rapacholi MP, federal member for Hunter, quipped: “Almost as good as the ones from Branxton Bakery.”

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