Two young hikers have chanced death by climbing a fence to sit at the edge of a cliff while horrified onlookers watched nervously from afar.

Chilling video captured the pair perched dangerously at the top of a mountain in Queensland’s Springbrook National Park, on the Gold Coast.

Several hikers watched from a viewing platform at the Canyon Lookout as the duo sat on the cliff, with some pulling out their phone to film what was unfolding.

One bystander, Josh, later uploaded the distressing footage to TikTok.

“I wouldn’t … would you? Wait for the zoom in,” he wrote with the video, uploaded on Tuesday.

In an earlier upload of the same video, Josh said when he later passed the couple, it appeared they were speaking German, leading him to believe they were tourists.

“Look at these German tourists,” he wrote in text across the clip.

A Department of Environment and Science spokesperson warned people who ignored safety signs risked being hit with fines.

“The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) reminds visitors to national parks to obey all signs and any directions from rangers for safety reasons,” they told

“Visitors must observe barriers and not enter closed areas.

“People can risk serious injuries and put their lives and those of rescuers (if needed) at risk when entering closed areas.

“On the spot fines can be issued to people who ignore signs, safety barriers and directions from rangers.”

The scene was captured one month after hiker Rory Lane went missing in the Gold Coast’s Lamington National Park for almost two full days.

He was just hours away from dying when he was discovered by emergency services with head, facial, and possible spinal injuries.

Queensland Police Senior Sergeant Mitchell Gray revealed Mr Lane was hypothermic and “only a couple of hours away from passing away” when he was found.

“He was in and out of consciousness, [had] some bad injuries, and had been bleeding,” Mr Gray said.

More than 60 people were involved in the search for him at the popular hiking spot.

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