Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has launched her election campaign more than a year out with a moving video asking people to vote for her at the 2024 state election.

Despite there being 369 days until Queenslanders head to the polls, the Premier released a taxpayer-funded video detailing her government’s wins during her past three terms in the top job.

In the video, she asks residents to vote for her again, saying she has “a lot more to do” as premier.

The video opens with picturesque images of the state, which Ms Palaszczuk describes as “beautiful one day and perfect the next”.

She says she is working to build a “better Queensland that the world is only just discovering”.

Ms Palaszczuk describes her humble beginnings, growing up in Durack, an outer southwest suburb of Brisbane, while her grandfather worked as a boilermaker to provide for the family.

“My grandfather came to Queensland as a migrant, he was a boilermaker, he said to me it was tough work but it was a job that put food on the table and a roof over his head,” the Premier says in the video.

“He did the very best for his family … and I want the best for every single family for this state, it’s why I got into politics.”

The three-minute video details the major events the state has been through, including floods, bushfires, cyclones, and a global pandemic.

She talks about her experience as premier and how she led the country through the Covid-19 pandemic, saying it brought the state “closer”.

“Nothing could have prepared me for that, but we did it better, I think, than anywhere else in the world,” the Premier said.

Ms Palaszczuk promises not to “give in” despite polling putting her Labor Party on track to lose the state election next year.

She says her time in the job has put Queensland in the best position it’s ever been in – with the strongest economy in the country and the lowest taxes.

In the video, the Premier says she can now give Queenslanders the “biggest cost of living relief in the country, free kindy, cheaper electricity and free TAFE” while building new hospitals and schools.

She talks about her other successes, such as decriminalising abortion, free period products in schools and legal access to voluntary-assisted dying.

“Our plans work and I’m determined to see them through,” Ms Palaszczuk says at the end of the video.

“If you know me, you know I don’t give in, no matter what – you give me that strength.”

The pitch to voters was posted on Facebook, one year out from the state election.

It also came on the same day Opposition Leader David Crisafulli released a “Right Priorities” blueprint, which details the Liberal National Party’s campaign in an attempt to take back government.

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