Shocking footage has captured the moment a popular amusement park ride malfunctions, leaving a group stuck in the air.

Riders were seen stranded mid-air after the 55m Pendulum ride at the Cairns Show reportedly malfunctioned.

In the video, uploaded to TikTok, user Mike Munro said the ride was “pretty high off the ground” when it stopped.

“People are stuck up there,” he can be heard saying in the footage.

“There’s a dude up there in that box, he’s like whacking some electrical equipment up there.

“(He’s) literally banging it. I don’t know if that will help it go.”

Mr Munro then said: “Good old Cairns Show aye. Broken.”

Comments on the video, which was also posted to local Facebook pages, claimed the ride had broken down several times.

Cairns Show president Ian Allen told the Courier Mail said the new 55m tall “The Warrior” ride had run into issues.

He said a malfunction alarm had gone off mid-ride, forcing its operators to stop the ride mid-swing for 35 minutes.

“The generator that was running was overheating so they got everyone off,” he said.

“It’s only the second time it’s been put up at show,” he said.

The Cairns Show, which is hosted at the Cairns Showground, ran between July 19-21.

According to its website, the show hosts a number of amusement park-style rides and events.


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