Dramatic vision has emerged of the aftermath of a sinkhole opening beneath an office building close to Sydney’s M6.

Twenty firefighters were on the scene after the ground beneath the Rockdale building in the city’s south subsided about 6.30am on Friday, causing the two-storey block to sag in the middle and appear unstable.

About 20 people were evacuated from the area as firefighters worked to stabilise the site.

It is understood the building is close to the M6 tunnel project in the city’s south, prompting fears for workers currently assigned to the project.

No-one was inside the building when it started to collapse.

Firefighters have set up laser monitoring equipment and drones to detect possible further movement in the affected building.

FRNSW experts are working with their colleagues across government and industry to assess the extent of the collapse and establish the cause.

Engineers are also determining a plan on how to shore up the building.

An exclusion zone is currently in place and the community is urged to avoid the area; however, at this stage, all roads and public footpaths in the area remain open.

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