Pubgoers are in a heated debate after a Melbourne pub customer was left a “rude” message on their receipt for a simple request.

A receipt from the Cornish Arms in Brunswick, Melbourne was shared to social media this week.

“Lovely note that a restaurant left on my friend’s dinner receipt,” the person who shared the image wrote, in reference to a hidden message left underneath one of the items.

Underneath an order of a glass of Terre Forti Pinot Grigio, the receipt read: “Ice in it f***ing bogans”.

The $222.07 receipt also displayed another order of the same wine and a glass of prosecco, both with “ice in it”. The message was presumably a note left for whoever was making the drinks.

Some Aussies slammed the pub worker responsible for leaving the note and defended the patron for requesting ice in their wine.

“It’s actually meant to be drunk around 10-13 degrees, not the sweltering 25-35+ degrees we get,” one Reddit user explained.

“The temperature of the wine affects flavours in a similar way to cheese.

“At the end of the day, doesn’t matter what’s ‘expected’ or ‘appropriate’. The customer has paid for it and can drink it however they like.”

“This is absolutely hilarious but also very amateur to leave the notes on the receipt for the customer,” added another.

A third said: “At the bar I work at, one of our regulars who is a very, very wealthy lady always orders some ice on the side of her pinot grigio and, while I wouldn’t choose to have it that way myself, the point of hospitality is to graciously allow people to have their order as they want it (within reason).”

Others, however, called the note a “funny mistake” and urged the patron to find the humour in it.

“The only excuse for ordering ice in your wine is if you’re game enough to laugh at yourself about it,” one person said.

“No dressing on the salad, extra gravy, mash instead of chips in fish and chips, medium-well steak AND ice in a drink?’ another commented, poking fun at the group’s other menu alterations.

“Give that girl a pay rise, she’s a legend,” laughed a third.

The pub confirmed it had received a complaint from the customer on July 25, three days after the incident.

“Staff were spoken to and reminded of their workplace responsibilities and the junior staff member then came forward to management and was very apologetic, not realising it would print on the customer’s receipt,” a spokesperson for the Cornish Arms told Channel 7.

“She has been spoken to and placed on a three-month probation.

“Her comment in no way reflects the values of the Cornish Arms and we will continue to educate and train staff to ensure the business evolves.

“The customer has since been spoken with and will be returning for a meal on us soon.”

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