A Sydney office building has taken work perks to a new level, rolling out a fleet of Teslas that can be borrowed or rented by staff.

Last week, tech transport start-up Outbound launched the “Electric Car Club” — a group of communal Teslas in the Salesforce Tower at Barangaroo, which staff working in the building can borrow or rent.

It aims to encourage staff to walk or catch public transport to the office. If they need a car throughout the day, the three Tesla Model 3s are available to rent for $20/hr or $220 for a full weekend. The cost is fronted by the business if it’s a work expense, or by the employee if they’re running a personal errand.

Outbound CEO Luke Rust told news.com.au the Tesla-for-hire service was “a bit like Uber, but you do the driving”.

Staff in the building use the Outbound app to reserve, pay for and even unlock the cars, making it easy to head off-site for business meetings, errands or weekends away.

The Teslas will allow staff to save on vehicle and parking costs without giving up the convenience of having a car at work, Mr Rust said.

“It’s all about convenience,” he explained.

“It’s a bit like ride sharing, except you do the driving — and they’re Teslas, which people love.

“The Electric Car Club makes it so easy to leave your own car home and save on that cost, and still have access to any part of Sydney … We’re catering to the growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions among businesses and individuals who value both luxury and environmental responsibility.”

The Salesforce Tower, which is named for its main tenant, computer software company Salesforce, is Sydney’s tallest office building. Its other tenants include Tiktok, Lendlease and Tourism Australia.

And it’s not the only building in Sydney that will be getting an Electric Car Club.

A similar rent-a-car fleet is set to reside in the $400 million Merchant House commercial redevelopment on Kent Street when it’s finished next year, as well as the 330-unit Newlands residential community at St Leonards upon completion in 2025.

Even Sydney mayor Clover Moore threw her weight behind the idea, saying it will mean fewer cars clogging up the roads in the Sydney CBD.

“Salesforce Tower will be home to some of Australia’s most exciting climate technology start-ups — these companies will help make a positive impact on the environment, and contribute to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions,” Ms Moore said.

“At the City of Sydney, our vision is for net zero emissions across our local area by 2035.

“Given transport accounts for around 20 per cent of total emissions in our area, a shift to electric vehicles is an important part of our goal to hit net zero.”

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