An Aussie father was given a heartbreaking diagnosis that turned his world upside down.

Tim Babbage was on a fishing trip with his mates when his stomach felt unwell and thought he had indigestion — but the pain gradually got worse.

Three weeks later, the 40-year-old builder was diagnosed with stage 4 Sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer in his abdomen. Scans revealed he had “a tumour the size of a house brick” in his stomach.

Within days after his shock results, Tim was booked into Chris O’Brien Lifehouse — one of Australia’s leading cancer hospitals.

A GoFundMe has been set up to financially support Tim, his pregnant wife Jill and their four-year-old daughter Eloise, following Tim’s heartbreaking health news.

“This beautiful family in the prime of their life have been suddenly thrust into a world of unknown with Tim’s sudden, heartbreaking cancer diagnosis,” Alana Adolphs, who set up the GoFundMe wrote on the page.

She said the pair had just announced the happy news of Jill’s pregnancy when Tim was diagnosed with the rare cancer.

“The sarcoma is large, aggressive and spreading rapidly,” she wrote.

“Tim has already commenced a gruelling regime of complex chemotherapies, with a full abdominal surgery scheduled for three to six months time.

“He will also undergo radiation therapy. All of this will take a huge toll on his body, all to give Tim the best possible chance of beating this monster.”

Ms Adolphs explained the dad has already had to cease work and will not be able to work for the foreseeable future.

“In a few short months Jill will also be unable to work as she prepares for the birth of their second baby and commences unpaid maternity leave.”

Tim told the Daily Mail it “all happened so fast”.

“I couldn’t believe it. I never would have thought cancer. And for it to be that big, speechless,” he said.

Gillian said it’s one of those things “where you think it could never happen to us,” adding “these are meant to be our dream years”.

Tim was in the prime of his life after changing careers to become a builder — and the future seemed bright for the couple as Tim was halfway through renovating their house, with a second child on the way to complete their family.

The couple had planned for Tim to be the sole breadwinner for a year. Now with Tim’s condition, the pair’s plans have been dashed.

“I am taking unpaid maternity leave, we knew things would be tighter but now it feels like it will be impossible. I have looked around but because we have had good jobs and worked hard we don’t seem to qualify for help,” Gillian told the Daily Mail.

So far, the GoFundMe has raised more than $70,000 with Adolphs saying the family need “our support” more than ever.

“Raising funds here will mean there is some financial relief and stability for them as they face these exhausting and unknown times,” she wrote.

“It will help with medical costs, day to day living and mortgage costs as they face this time with no income.

“Thank you for all your support and kind messages for this most beautiful family.

“No donation is too small. Everything counts and is so appreciated.”


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