A mother has expressed her disappointment in one major supermarket after she discovered an initiative had been dropped from her local store.

Coles, like other supermarkets such as Woolworths and Harris Farm, offers free fruit in store for kids.

The program allows kids to grab a fresh piece of fruit while their parents shop, keeping little ones full and entertained.

The mum, who goes by @getsocialwithsammi on TikTok, took to the social media app to ask why “no one was talking about the fact Coles took away free fruit for kids in store”.

“I have been to two locations in Victoria and both staff members told me they no longer offer it. Mind blown,” she said.

Sammi pointed out the profit margin that Coles posted in the last financial year, and that it likely wasn’t an expensive program to run.

“I am very disappointed in Coles, and I hope this isn’t true across the border. Hopefully it is just a select few shops in Victoria,” she said.

Coles has responded to the concern, saying: “We are always looking at new ways to help Australians live and eat better every day.

“Some stores will offer free fruit for kids but it’s at the discretion of the store and not all stores have this offering.”

Social media users had a mixed reaction to the Aussie mother’s revelation, with some saying they would continue to take fruit while others said it wasn’t that big a deal.

“Free fruit is still happening whether they like it or not. If my kid wants an apple or banana while I’m doing a $300 weekly shop then I’m just going to take it,” one said.

Another added: “My local Coles had to stop it because a child ate an apple that was next to a banana and they had an allergic reaction from the banana.”

One social media user pointed out often children will drop scraps on the floor, which can prove to be a hazard.

“My local in Queensland still does it,” one added.

“I’d imagine they will eventually cave. All the skin of the fruit still consumed by kids will end up on the floor or there will be bite marks in fruit,” another customer pointed out.

One shopper, who was surprised at the anger, said, “Oh Jesus Christ really!!? First world issues” while another said the mum should just bring her own fruit.

Coles continues to offer kids packs, which are undersized fruit, perfect for children’s lunches and earlier this year hosted the Fresh Food Challenge, encouraging youngsters to “eat like a superhero, feel like one too.”

Since 2017, Coles has also donated more than 3.9 million bananas to grassroots Little Athletics clubs and centres.

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