A woman accused of orchestrating the plot to have her ex-partner fed to an industrial woodchipper was recorded chastising two other men for their stories “not telling the same”, a jury has been told.

Sharon Graham is on trial at Brisbane Supreme Court charged with the murder of Bruce Saunders at a property in Goomboorian, near Gympie, six years ago.

The Crown contends two other men – Gregory Roser and Peter Koenig – disposed of Mr Saunders’ body in the woodchipper, with Ms Graham accused of being the “architect” of the plot.

Ms Graham has pleaded not guilty to murder.

On Monday, covert recordings of Ms Graham at her home were played to the jury. She is heard reading a text from Mr Koenig that read: “Yep, I’m home and … not f**king happy with someone, a liar.”

The jury was told the recording was taken at her property on February 2, 2018 after Mr Koenig was interviewed by detectives.

In the recording, Ms Graham asks Mr Roser if he lied before saying: “Oh babe, I hope you haven’t gone against him.”

Mr Roser answers: “I have not, I’ve stuck up for him the whole f**king week.”

“Now, oh my god. That’s what we didn’t want, your story and his story not telling the same,” Ms Graham is heard saying.

In his opening, Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller KC told the jury that Mr Saunders was allegedly hit over the head with a metal bar by Mr Roser, then placed inside the industrial machine by Mr Roser and Mr Koenig.

All that remained were Mr Saunders’ legs, up to his thighs.

The Crown alleges Ms Graham – who was romantically involved with all three men at different points – had orchestrated the plot to have Mr Saunders killed.

It is alleged Ms Graham stood to inherit his $750,000 life insurance policy along with the contents of his will.

But Ms Graham’s defence barrister Peter Richards earlier told the jury that his client did not counsel or procure the men to kill Mr Saunders.

“As far as Sharon Graham understood it, Mr Saunders died as a result of an accident,” Mr Richards said.

In Monday’s recording, Ms Graham is heard telling Mr Roser: “I’m not accusing you, I’m reading out loud what’s been said to me (by Mr Koenig).”

“That means they’ve told Peter you have said ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ and Peter’s gone ‘that ain’t f**king true’,” Ms Graham is heard saying.

“So something’s gonna happen.”

Ms Graham is heard urging Mr Roser to “calm down” and think.

Earlier in the trial, Mr Koenig gave evidence that Ms Graham had repeatedly asked her two ex-lovers to kill Mr Saunders during the planned clearing, which took place over three weekends.

He told the court that on the day of Mr Saunders’ death he saw Mr Roser club the 54-year-old on the head with the bar.

“He asked me to give him a hand to bring down to the woodchipper,” Mr Koenig said.

“I had his legs, Greg had his arms.

“I took him down and stopped a couple of times down there.”

Mr Koenig gave evidence that he hit the emergency stop button after feeding Mr Saunders to the machine.

During a police interview – played to the jury last week – Mr Koenig claims he last saw Mr Saunders working on the side of the woodchipper before hearing Mr Roser cry “Bruce, Bruce”.

In the tape, Mr Koenig is repeatedly grilled about blood droplets on the bottom of the machine.

The detectives tell him they appear to have come from a vertical source, asking him if there was an “altercation” before Mr Saunders’ death.

The trial continues.


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