A woman accused of plotting the murder of her ex-partner by having him fed to a woodchipper has entered its final stages, with a prosecutor describing how the woman “made a choice” between “the money and the man”.

Sharon Graham is on trial at Brisbane Supreme Court charged with the murder of Bruce Saunders on a central Queensland property six years ago.

The Crown alleges Ms Graham was the “architect” of a plot to have her ex-partner at the hands of two other men while the trio were working on the property.

Closing submissions were made on Wednesday, with crown prosecutor Todd Fuller submitting Ms Graham made “a choice” on the day of Mr Saunders’ death.

“It was a choice between the money and the man – and she chose both,” crown prosecutor Todd Fuller KC said.

Ms Graham has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Saunders, 54.

Mr Saunders died after allegedly being dragged into the woodchipper while he was clearing trees at a property in Goomboorian, near Gympie, on November 12, 2017.

The Crown alleges Ms Graham was the architect of the plot to kill Mr Saunders by having two men – Gregory Roser and Peter Koenig – put him in the machine.

It is further alleged she stood to gain a $750,000 life insurance payout along with the contents of his will upon his death.

But Ms Graham’s defence counsel has argued she did not counsel or procure the men to kill Mr Saunders.

“As far as Sharon Graham understood it, Mr Saunders died as a result of an accident,” defence barrister Peter Richards said.

During his closing statement on Wednesday, Mr Fuller told the jury Ms Graham had a choice to make between two men and two lifestyles at the time of Mr Saunders’ death.

“It was between a decent man (Mr Saunders), who owned his own home, had a job and as we’ve heard would do anything for her,” Mr Fuller said.

“Compared to a man (Mr Roser) who struggled to make ends meet, who lived in a caravan park, who needed her to pay for his own engagement ring.

Mr Fuller told the jury Ms Graham chose “the bad boy” – Mr Roser – instead of Mr Saunders.

“That meant her financial situation was no longer secured,” he said.

“She needed someone, or somehow, to pay the bills.”

Mr Fuller explained the jury might think Ms Graham was “desperate” and the level of her desperation had been on display during the trial.

“A desperation that led to a man being killed and his body fed through a woodchipper,” he said.

Mr Fuller pointed to the testimony of Peter Koenig, who earlier told the jury he was asked several times by Ms Graham to kill Mr Saunders on earlier dates.

Mr Koenig gave evidence he saw Mr Roser hit Mr Saunders with a metal bar before the pair put him in the machine.

“(He) is a man who is saying ‘I’m actively involved after Greg Roser killed Bruce Saunders’,” Mr Fuller said.

He also referred to notes found in Mr Roser’s caravan which detailed Mr Saunders’ address, car registration, parking movements and his working times.

Mr Fuller told the jury it indicated a plan to inflict some violence on him in his own home, or on his way to work.

“Where does that information come from? Because despite what Mr Roser told us, Bruce Saunders and he are not mates,” Mr Fuller said

“This is not information that came from Bruce Saunders.

“It could only have come from a person who lived in the house with Bruce Saunders, who was plotting to kill him.”

The court was told Mr Saunders’ blood was found on the ground near the woodchipper and at the back of the machine.

Mr Fuller said this indicated Mr Saunders was injured before he went in the machine, contradicting claims he accidentally fell in.

The court was told Ms Graham appeared worried about text messages when she was recorded on covert listening devices police installed in her home.

Mr Richards is due to address the jury later in the afternoon.

The trial continues.


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