Vegemite flavoured Cadbury Diary Milk bars may, rightly so, be remembered as the wildest flavour mash up Australia has seen.

But there is competition for the most disgusting confectionary crossover known to man thanks to the Mars-Wrigley Company.

It is launching a limited edition mustard flavour Skittles. That’s correct: mustard.

A select few in the US will get to taste, not the rainbow, but rather the tart tongue tingling tang of mustard Skittles on “national mustard day” on August 5.

Packs will be given away for free via an online sweepstakes and at pop-up events in Atlanta, Washington DC and New York City.

On Facebook, the folks behind French’s mustard said it was “sweet, tangy, and everything you’ve ever wanted in a candy”.

“Everything you’ve NEVER wanted in a candy … there I fixed it,” said one.

‘That’s a nope’

New varieties is a time honoured way to bring excitement to a brand and encourage finicky consumers to buy up big. But on social media the sentiment was somewhat negative, to say the least.

“Literally nobody asked for this,” said one commenter, who speaks for all mankind.

“That’s a nope,” said another.

“Makes me gag,” was one succinct piece of feedback.

Although some masochists were up for the challenge: “You know what? You’re on! I’m trying them!”

Mars-Wrigley, the owners of Skittles, teamed up with US mustard brand French’s to create the fearsome flavour combination.

“From mustard ice cream to last year’s viral mustard doughnuts, this year marks the fifth time French’s has gone all out with unique, flavourful innovations to celebrate national mustard day,” Valda Coryat, head of marketing for McCormick & Company, French’s owner, said in a press release.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Skittles to deliver our beloved classic yellow mustard tang in a new, fun way to French’s and Skittles fans alike.”

Ro Cheng, marketing director at Mars-Wrigley, said Skittles “was always looking to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver unexpected ways for fans to experience the brand”.

Whether mustard Skittles will deliver “happiness,” remains to be seen.

Unfortunately – or possibly very luckily – it’s unlikely mustard flavour Skittles will be available in Australia anytime soon.

But chip brand Twisties does have a limited edition flavour available that sounds altogether more palatable.

The cult chip brand sparked a frenzy last month when it announced it was partnering with Donut King to release a flavour inspired by the bakery’s most popular treat – the cinnamon doughnut.

Twisties brand manager Melanie Saluni said the “anticipation and excitement” from consumers to get their hands on the collaboration “has been next level”.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a wave of fans taking to social media to express their excitement to try our new flavour – so we’re super excited for fans to finally be able to try,” she said.

“The new Twisties Donut King Cinnamon doughnut flavour is unlike any snack you’ve tried before and we can’t wait for our consumers to try them for the first time.”

The collaboration follows the success of Twisties’ “controversial” raspberry flavour earlier this year.

The “weird” flavour proved “too much” for some Aussies, with many declaring the fruit-flavoured chips a definite no-no.


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