Accused parent killer Raelene Polymiadis has been released from custody three days after her family agreed to forfeit more than half a million dollars should she disobey home detention conditions.

After several bail hearings in the South Australian Supreme Court, Raelene Polymiadis, 62, was granted strict supervised bail despite allegations she had been deliberately “sabotaging” her health while in custody.

On Thursday, she declined to comment outside prison, and wore a mask to cover her face.

She also held a shopping bag over her as she was driven away.

Polymiadis has yet to plead to two counts of murder over the deaths of her parents, Brenda and Lynton Anderson, from alleged insulin poisoning within a year of each other.

Prosecutors allege Mrs Anderson died in hospital after allegedly being administered with insulin resulting in fatally low blood sugar.

They further allege Mr Anderson was found unconscious on the floor of his home, with autopsy results revealing he too had insulin in his system, as well as a second tranquilliser-like substance later found in his home.

He died in hospital shortly after.

During Mrs Polymiadis’ bail hearing, prosecutors allege she had been deliberately “sabotaging” her health by sneaking sugar into her cell.

“We submit Your Honour should have concerns about whether she is deliberately malingering in relation to her treatment situation and what happened in this court when she was taken to hospital,” prosecutor Karen Ingleton said.

“We submit that Mrs Polymiadis has been consuming amounts of sugar in prison and deliberately altering her (testing results).”

A diabetic herself, Mrs Polymiadis said, during her bail bid, she had been suffering from mistreatment of her condition while in custody at the Adelaide Women’s Prison.

The reason she should be allowed to return home on bail, she argued, was that medical staff in the prison were not providing adequate treatment for her condition, which prompted several diabetic attacks.

On Thursday, three days after the court granted her bail, Ms Polymiadis emerged from prison to be transported to her home detention address.

Her counsel said her family would be willing to sacrifice $610,000 for her release, which would be seized if she breaches bail.

Ms Polymiadis will return to court in December.


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