Festivalgoers attending this weekend’s Splendour in the Grass have been urged to be on their best behaviour by police.

A high-visibility police operation, including more than 100 officers, will be under way at the event targeting drug use and alcohol-fuelled violence.

The NSW Police Dog Unit will join officers from the Tweed/Byron police region and others in watching the event.

Additional units from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command will also be deployed in the surrounding area to target drink-and-drug-driving and other dangerous activity by festival goers.

Police have been “working closely with event organisers” for months according to Superintendent Dave Roptell.

“Those who choose to do the wrong thing risk spoiling the event for themselves and others, and those who bring illicit substances can expect to be caught and dealt with accordingly,“ Superindent Roptell said.

Superintendent Roptell said all festivalgoers had a role to play in looking out for each other.

“Drink plenty of water, have appropriate sun protection and keep an eye on your mates – ensure they don’t wander off alone, and if they appear unwell, seek professional medical attention immediately,” he said.

Splendour in the Grass organisers were forced to apologise after last year’s festival was marred with numerous issues, including flooded campsites, boggy conditions and hours long delays getting visitors home.

Some attendees reported waiting up to six hours in crowded, muddy lines to get on pre-booked buses out of the festival.

They claimed there was no food or water available and they had been forced to sit in the mud.

“We know last night’s journey home was s***** for some of you. It usually takes some time to get everyone out of the venue, we’re sorry you had that experience at Splendour,” the organisers said after last year’s festival.

Torrential rain also caused some acts to be cancelled and led to flooded campsites and dancefloors, leading to the festival being dubbed “Splendour in the Mud”.

This year’s line-up includes Lizzo, Flume and Mumford & Sons.


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