The second of two dogs that attacked their owner in Perth’s southern suburbs last month has been put down.

Nikita Piil, 31, suffered serious arm and leg injuries when her pet rottweilers, Bronx and Harlem, began attacking her in their Success backyard on September 16.

Despite neighbours trying to help, the savage mauling only stopped when police arrived, and were forced to shoot seven-year-old Bronx, who had to be put down by a vet soon after.

Harlem was seized by City of Cockburn rangers and has been held in a pound for the past month.

Ms Piil was given until last Saturday to decide if she wanted to keep the dog.

She made the heartbreaking decision to have her surviving dog destroyed on the Friday.

City of Cockburn head of Community Safety and Ranger Services Michael Emery said Ms Piil’s call was the preferred decision.

“The procedure was completed on Thursday morning by a qualified veterinarian as humanely as possible for the dog,” Mr Emery said in a statement.

“We believe this is ultimately also what is best for the animal.

“The City has held the dog for five weeks. Confining the dog for considerably longer may cause the animal significant distress.”

Ms Piil’s former partner has told The West Australian newspaper he’s “100 per cent” certain the dog, if released, would attack again.

“That dog can’t go to another home because of how he is. He’s already gotten a taste for blood,” he told the paper, under the condition of anonymity.

“He’s unpredictable. When it’s just her and him, and he stares at her, it looks like he’s all possessive … he looks at her like she’s his property.”

“She loved and adored her dogs, and her friends and family have witnessed how much they loved her too,” they said in a statement published to GoFundMe.

On September 28 the family said Ms Piil had already undergone five surgeries “with countless more on the horizon as she continues to fight to keep her arm and life”.

Family members also revealed bacteria from the dogs’ mouths had caused “ongoing serious complications” for the 31-year-old.

“We nearly lost our precious girl a couple of times … but as you all know, Nikita is our little fighter,” they said.

At the time of writing, that GoFundMe campaign has raised $18,710 of its $30,000 target.

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