A group of Queenslanders got quite the fright last weekend after a creepy intruder was found lurking behind a photo frame in their living room.

Hair-raising footage from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers showed the seemingly innocuous artwork tilted away from the wall. As the camera panned, though, the culprit was revealed to be a carpet python that had wedged itself between the wall and frame.

“That was what was pulling your painting down,” snake catcher Dan said, marvelling at the find.

Dan safely removed the print from the wall, bringing the snake with it, before he carefully untangled the reptile from the picture hanging wire.

He gently handled the “big, beautiful” snake, placing it into a snake net to be relocated to a safer environment.

“Sorry it took a while,” Dan said, after the mere seconds-long procedure.

The homeowner said she watched the Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher’s videos “all the time” and, though she wasn’t a fan of snakes, the one found behind her photo frame “wasn’t bad looking”.

A second video showed the reptile slithering away into bushland, the striking geometric pattern of its scales on display.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said Dan had “back to back” jobs and left the woman’s house to relocate a much smaller, yellow-faced whip snake that was hiding under a cubby house at a childcare centre.

Commenters on the video, which has been viewed more than 2000 times, congratulated the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers on another safe relocation.

“Love the way all of you act with the snakes, so gentle and with a lot of respect for their environment. Thank you,” one person praised.

“Very pretty pattern! How did she feel knowing it had been in her house long enough — and unnoticed! — to find such an ingenious hiding place?” another asked.

Several commenters made jokes about the snake’s crafty hiding place.

“Python Picasso!” one joked.

“Bit of an art critic,” laughed another.


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