Weather wise, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is the torrential conditions, which have brought dangerous storms, are easing and so the next few days should be far calmer particularly across the east.

The bad news is the weather system causing all the drama could be preparing to swing around for another visit right on New Year.

A low pressure system is heading back towards the east and with it a trough stretching from Queensland down to Victoria that could bring inclement conditions.

“It’s on Saturday that we have a serious return of those widespread showers and possibly severe thunderstorms across eastern parts of Queensland and New South Wales as well,” said meteorologist Sarah Sully from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Brisbane could have a wet weekend with 30mm falling and 10mm late on New Year’s Eve with a possible storm.

Although at this point it’s not looking as dangerous and hectic as the storms over Christmas which, so far, have claimed as many as ten lives chiefly through flash flooding and boats capsizing.

The same conditions, of warm moisture laden air being dragged southward, that brought the Yuletide deluge are still with us. As is the heat that has been languishing lazily over Western Australia leading to every day being north of 30C.

Wet, stormy for Queensland and NSW

A dry few days are in store for Queensland and it’s going to be hot and humid in Brisbane with 36C on Thursday and 37C on Friday.

But by Saturday those unsettled conditions are set to return. Saturday will see temperatures drop to a more manageable 31C but showers and storms are on the cards from the afternoon.

As much as 20mm could fall on Brisbane on Saturday if storms breakout. On New Year’s Eve 10mm is possible with a storm and then up to 15mm on New Year’s Day.

It look likes central and southern parts of coastal Queensland are most under threat from the rain and storms. And if they crank up, there’s a risk of dangerous wind gusts, sudden deluges and large hail.

On New Year’s Eve in Rockhampton be prepared for anything up to 20mm of moisture and then 25mm on January 1. There’s a possible 50mm across the two days in Bundaberg.

Mackay could see around 10mm of rain across New Year’s Eve and Day while Hervey Bay has an upper forecast of almost 80mm between Saturday and Tuesday.

Generally, however, inland areas of Queensland and the coast north of Mackay should have far lower levels of rain, if any.

Northern NSW looks set to be hit by the same system.

Ballina could see 10mm on New Year’s Eve with a 27C high and then 15mm on New Year’s Day. There could be with similar for Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

Centers inland in the state’s north such as Armidale and Tamworth could also see some rain but the totals are likely to be lower.

Dry in Sydney on Thursday with a 31C maximum. Showers associated with storms are a possibility from Friday with the mercury going down to the mid-twenties.

There is the forecast of some rain on New Year’s Eve but at this point to totals aren’t heavy.

Anywhere along the NSW south coast should expect some rain over New Year. But, like Queensland, the state’s interior should be dry.

Canberra can expect the next seven days to top out at 25-27C. Rain is looking likely but not until Tuesday of next week.

Victoria, Tasmania and SA

Temperatures bobbing around 20C in Melbourne in the run up to New Year. Cloudy skies with the sun peeking through from time to time and while showers are likely they shouldn’t be heavy or prolonged.

A possible sprinkle of rain in Adelaide on Thursday with a high of 29C. But from Friday onwards the South Australian capital should be dry.

New Year’s Eve should see pleasant conditions with 26C and blue skies, climbing to 28C on New Year’s Day.

Some rain in Hobart on Thursday. While the precipitation should clear, grey skies will remain for the coming days with maximum temperatures of 17-19C. Sunday will be warmer at 24C and Monday on 23C.

Still scorching in WA

Mostly sunny weather in Perth getting to 31C on Thursday and then 34C on Friday and 35C on Saturday. On New Year’s Eve it should fall to around 30C and the same again for Monday. There should be no rain to speak of.

A heatwave warning is in place for northern Western Australia until at least Saturday with an extreme heatwave, the most serious kind, around the Pilbara.

Karratha is forecast to reach 40C on Sunday, Broome 36C and Telfer, in the interior, could push 48C on Saturday.

Wet and stormy in Darwin heading into New Year with 35C maximums but any rain should be relatively light.

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