Motorists are being warned to fill up now with petrol prices set to skyrocket in coming days in a major Australian city.

The average price for unleaded fuel in Sydney sits at 193.0c per litre, according to insurer NRMA.

Over the coming week, that price is set to skyrocket to as high as the “low 210s cents per litre”, a recent report revealed.

“Average regular unleaded prices rose 9.9c per litre last week from the bottom of the cycle,” the NRMA said.

“That should peak around the low 210s cents per litre over the next five to seven days.”

Premium 95 and 98 unleaded fuels were expected to reach as high as 227c and 234c respectively.

The cost of diesel, meanwhile, sits at 203.2c – a staggering increase of 13c from the past week.

LPG in Sydney is the only fuel type to fall, dropping 0.3c to 98.3c across the city this week.

Fuel Check NSW, a state government fuel finder app, further revealed the stark reality for motorists in the Harbour City.

According to government data, the average price for unleaded fuel has skyrocketed from the mid-180c mark in July.

The data further reveals the direction prices are heading, with the August average on track to reach last-November’s record high.

For the past 12 months, the average price for unleaded fuel sat at 183.7c; currently, it is sitting at 199.8c per litre.

The gulf between the lowest and highest fuel prices was also severe this week, with 53.7c separating the lowest price of 173.2c.

Prices were mixed across the city, according to the data, except for a cluster of cheap offerings – about 171c – in Ryde.

The situation, inflamed by changes to the fuel excise and production dips, was felt across the country this week.

In Melbourne, unleaded fuel reached as high as 229.9c per litre, according to the RACV’s fuel tracking data.

Prices in Melbourne, like Sydney, varied wildly across the city, with unleaded offered as cheaply as 175.9c on Thursday.

Motorists, witnessing fuel creep more than 200c a litre, told Nine on Thursday they had “never seen it that bad”.

“When I saw how much it was, I stopped,” said one motorist.

“It’s f***ed. I think I’ll walk,” said another.

Another motorist said prices had been “going up and up and up” over recent days.

The NRMA’s advice to motorists is to use fuel checking apps to ensure they get the best deal.

As for the other major cities, the situation this week was similarly bleak, with unleaded prices sitting at 188c in Brisbane.

In Hobart, the average price is 202c per litre, according to Fuel Check Tas, up from 199.2c last Friday.

Unleaded fuel reached an average price of 200.5c per litre in Perth and about 198c per litre in Canberra.

Adelaide, meanwhile, recorded an average of 208c per litre and Darwin an average of 194c per litre.

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