In the realm of extreme body modifications, few individuals have taken it as far as Michel ‘Diabao’ Praddo.

The 49-year-old Brazilian — renowned for his remarkable transformations and known as the ‘Human Satan’ — recently pushed the boundaries of his art by amputating three fingers, turning them into devilish claws.

This latest procedure involved amputating the little and ring fingers on his right hand and the ring finger on his left hand.

Shocking photographs of these transformations were shared by Mr Praddo on social media, leaving many in awe of his daring approach to body modification.

Mr Praddo, passionate about tattoo artistry, shared his initial hesitation about this procedure, fearing it might affect his work.

He explained, “At first, it was very difficult, but it didn’t take long to get back to tattooing almost normally. Sometimes, I have pain and a phantom sensation, which still leaves me confused when working or doing other things.”

Despite the challenges, he expressed great satisfaction with his transformation, stating, “I really wanted to change myself, and I was very satisfied.”

Mr Praddo holds a Guinness World Record for having the most subdermal ‘horn’ implants on his head, boasting 33 implants that drastically altered his appearance.

His relentless pursuit of unique transformations has led him to undergo over 60 procedures, covering approximately 85 per cent of his body in tattoos and various modifications.

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Mr Praddo doesn’t plan to halt his remarkable journey here, intending to extend his claw-like transformations to his left hand, now known as ‘Las Garras’ or ‘The Claws.’

For Mr Praddo, the quest for body modification is one of three great passions in his life, alongside his work and weight training.

He has shared his transformation with thousands of followers on social media.

Some of his videos even depict him dangling from the ceiling by rings attached to the skin of his back, demonstrating his extraordinary pain tolerance.

Receiving the Guinness World Record for his horn implants earlier this year was a dream come true for Mr Praddo.

He travelled to Milan, Italy, where the record was verified on the TV program Lo Show Dei Record.

Speaking about the experience, he said, “It was something very special and surreal. A dream come true to enter Guinness and also go to Europe.”

He has not only modified his fingers but has also ventured into other areas of body modification, including removing the end of his nose and adding silver tusks in his mouth.

He even has four horns on either side of his head and various implants under the skin of his forehead.

The ‘Human Satan’ has undergone countless surgeries and inkings to create his unique look.

He previously had his ears, nose, nipples, and the ring finger of his left hand removed, with more than 80 per cent of his body covered in ink, including his eyeballs.

His remarkable transformation journey shows no sign of slowing down as he aspires to compete for the world’s most modified man title.


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