I mean, koalas are cute and kangaroos, yeah they’re cool, but you needed to go twice in two days??

Hard to know who the marsupial superfan is here. Is it Taylor? Or was she, in fact, merely face-timing Travis to brief him on the meerkat experience ahead of their romantic trip on Thursday?

Either way, PLEASE don’t go again today. There is so much Sydney has to offer that we beg of you to look beyond our state-of-the art reptile house, good though it is.

We get that as the most famous woman on earth you can’t exactly do the Bridge Climb or have a Bondi surf lesson but c’mon.

Sydney has simply loads of stuff to do for young couples and someone in Swift’s entourage should probably at least have had a flick through TripAdvisor to see what could tempt the loved-up pair.

Don’t worry though Taylor, we put some ideas together so you don’t have to wander down the primate boulevard for a third time this week.

Snorkelling at Gordon’s Bay

Gordon’s Bay is part of the Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve and is home to 500 species of fish. There is an underwater trail that can be snorkelled from the surface on clear days. Keep your eyes open for blue grouper and sting rays as well the odd (small) shark.

Worried about being recognised? Not to fear, the snorkelling gear will disguise your face as you get into and out of the water and your limo can park on one of the nearby residential streets.

Taronga Zoo

If it really must be another trip to the zoo please consider Taronga. Here you can actually be a zookeeper for a day (why do I think this is Travis’ dream?). You will go behind the scenes and meet the animals as well feeding them and coming up with fun experiences for them to enjoy. The schedule runs from 8.15am to 3.15pm so plenty of time to get to the Accor Stadium in time for the concert.

Take a trip in a seaplane

Take in stunning views of Bondi Beach, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the air on a private flight.

Sydney Seaplanes offer a romantic tour ending with a decadent picnic hamper and champagne on Shark Island, a small island in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

Don’t worry there’s just been one shark attack here and it was ages ago.

In any case, Travis will almost certainly be able to take on any unwanted toothy visitors.

Drink wine in the Hunter Valley and watch the kangaroos

So we already know that either you or Travis (or both) are keen on kangaroos.

Perhaps a wander through various Hunter Valley wineries could be your thing? Enjoy a glass of cabernet sauvignon with a cheese board and watch the kangaroos roam free in their natural habitat.

Charter a private yacht and visit a secluded beach

I mean I didn’t think I would have to mention the words “boat trip” as you’re an A-list celebrity but then you went to the zoo twice in two days so…

Can I recommend visiting one of Sydney’s many secluded beaches? Milk beach, Castle Rock Beach, Resolute Beach and Chinamans Beach are all good choices.

Watch the sunrise from a hot-air balloon

Watch the sun come up over the Hunter Valley and enjoy a gourmet brunch and fizz to follow.

What could be better? And don’t say wallaby trail.

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