The furry face of Dulux has welcomed a litter of five girls and two boys.

In a video posted to Instagram for International Dog Day yesterday, the pups can be seen running around on wobbly little legs before resting with their mum, Olivia.

The Old English Sheepdog, Olivia, is the iconic face of paint brand Dulux and lives in Lincolnshire, England.

Olivia is the current star of the show of Dulux ads, with the company having featured Old English Sheepdogs in its advertisements for more than 60 years.

Now, Olivia’s adorable pups may receive job offers in the future, as Dulux Creative Director and Colour Expert Marianne Shillingford called the six-week-old pups “stars in their own right”.

“As proud sponsors of the Old English Sheepdog Rescue & Welfare Fund, we’re delighted to be able to finally share the exciting news of the irresistible puppy additions to the Dulux family,” Ms Shillingford said.

“The pups are stars in their own right, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in the years to come.”

Old English Sheepdogs, described as intelligent and playful, were initially bred for driving sheep and cattle – not exactly for bringing their infectious personalities to the screen.

According to Dogs NSW, the Old English Sheepdog made its Australian debut in the mid-19th century, where they were used as working dogs and companions for shepherds before other – more suitable – breeds of working dogs were discovered.

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