The baby of ABC journalist Kirsten Drysdale and husband Chris is no longer named “Methamphetamine Rules.”

The now four-month-old was given the unusual moniker shortly after his birth in September, as his mother was working on a segment for ABC’s WTFAQ program.

The show aims to provide legitimate and entertaining answers to common viewer questions, with the query “what can I legally name my baby?” coming up frequently.

Thus, Ms Drysdale sought to test the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages by intentionally giving her newborn a ridiculous name.

Normally, names deemed to be offensive aren’t allowed. However, much to Ms Drysdale’s surprise, her son’s birth certificate came back with “Methamphetamine Rules.”

It sparked a significant public backlash, with Australians taking to social media to accuse the new mum of exploiting her son for a plot in a TV show.

Speaking to The Project on Monday night, she provided an update, telling the panel it’s “all sorted.”

“That name has been removed. It no longer is on his birth certificate,” Ms Drysdale said.

“He has a new birth certificate with his real name on it.”

She chose not to reveal her child’s new, “normal” name.

“He will not have to, for the rest of his life answer ‘have you ever been known by any other name’,” she said.

“You’re not taking methamphetamines to any parties this Christmas?” host Sarah Harris asked jokingly.

“No, Baby Meth is going to have a quiet Christmas at home this year,” Ms Drysdale said.

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