A grandmother who has been caring for three children who were orphaned following a horror crash that killed their parents has made a desperate plea for help.

Charles, Bevan, and Synthia miraculously survived three days in the Western Australian desert after a single-car crash on Christmas Day, 2022.

The trio had been travelling with their parents Cindy Braddock, 25, and Jake Day, 28, who died after their Land Rover Discovery flipped.

Grandmother Annette Day is now looking after the three young children and is asking for help to renovate their forever home to assit in them settlign back into normal life.

Ms Day told Nine News the children were adjusting as best they could and they are aware of the loss of their parents.

“Being there, being in the car with mum and dad for those couple of days, I think that’s what maybe made it so real for them,” she said.

“We have our bad days – we’ve had quite a few bad days – but that’s okay, you just keep on keeping on.”

The family had been making the 200km journey home to Kondinin in the WA wheatbelt after visiting Ms Day, dad Jake Day’s mother.

Tragically, only 10km from their home, the family car flipped and crashed down an embankment, killing the parents on impact.

Synthia, now aged five, received a bravery award for her actions after the crash, unstrapping her one-year-old brother Bevan.

The pair’s younger brother, Charles, was just two months old at the time of the crash and remained fastened in his seat until help arrived.

In total, the children spent a whopping 55 hours alone in the heat of the Australian summer with temperatures reaching about 30C.

Seven months on, Ms Day told Nine News the community had raised $100,000 to help her and her new “sunshine” – the three young children.

“(The money) bought a car, so I can get the kids around and there will be no more breaking down,” Ms Day said.

“And, the house, so they’ve (the children) got a roof over their heads and they’re settled, and we can be in one spot forever for them.

“No moving around anymore. This is their home town. Close to mum and dad. Where they should be.”

Despite the progress the family has made, Ms Day said the house was still in dire need of repair.

The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom ceilings all needed urgent attention, Ms Day said.

“I’ve never been one to ask for help, so it’s hard for me to figure that one out,” she said.

“(The) bathroom definitely needs a good going over, it’s quite old.

“The foundations are there, (with) some love and care it will all come out so wonderful.

“It’s all for the children, so they can have a nice easy life now.”

Ms Day told Nine she was now looking for a tradesman to help her with skills and materials.

In the meantime, she said she hoped Cindy and Jake were “looking down” on them.

“It will be all good,” she said.

Donations can be made by reaching out to the family at helpthedaykids@gmail.com.


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