Three people have died and three others were hospitalised due to listeria bacteria contamination in milkshakes at a burger shop in the US.

The contamination was traced back to ice cream machines at a Frugals restaurant, a popular chain in North America.

The Washington State Department of Health clarified that only one specific location was affected, and no other branches experienced the contamination.

The cases occurred between February 27 and July 22, and the individuals affected had weakened immune systems.

Symptoms of Listeria infection can manifest up to 70 days after initial exposure.

Frugals posted a statement on Facebook, expressing their regret for any potential harm caused and announcing the suspension of milkshake sales at the Tacoma store and all other locations with similar machines.

The company plans to test the machines at their other stores for listeria, sanitise contaminated machines, and retest them.

Listeria bacteria can cause listeriosis, an infection that poses a greater risk to individuals with weakened immune systems, those over 65, and pregnant people along with their newborns.

Symptoms of listeriosis include fever, flu-like symptoms, seizures, headaches, muscle fatigue, loss of balance, stiff neck, confusion, and specific symptoms for pregnant individuals.

The CDC reported that approximately 260 people die from Listeria infection each year in the US.


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