A woman has urged people “not to be this guy” after a man attempted to preach at her while she was doing a workout.

TikTok user @shelbyroseolson recorded the interaction after the man followed her from the stretching area of the gym to the strength machines.

“I can’t play both games. I can’t ask God to save my life multiple times and run back to the thing that caused my life to be taken in the first place. Make sense,” the man said.

Shelby then went on to tell the man, who she jokingly called a “prophet”, that his actions made her “severely uncomfortable”.

“Don’t know why you needed to come and do that,” she said.

The man apologised and continued on his rant, saying that God didn’t love everyone and that he “hates the wicked” but God loved Shelby but he was “jealous”.

Woman's uncomfortable encounter with gym 'prophet'

He said that the conversation was God’s will and not his own, adding God couldn’t love people who didn’t love him back and they weren’t allowed in his kingdom.

Shelby repeatedly tried to tell the man that she was just trying to work out and questioned his message that he was spouting.

In a following video, Shelby explained she had been at the gym on Saturday afternoon so not many people were about.

She immediately noticed the man and his looking at her made her feel uncomfortable but she pushed through and went about her workout routine.

The man then walked up to her and motioned for her to take her headphones off, and Shelby did what she was asked.

He then told her while he was in the sauna that God told him there was a woman coming into the gym he needed to chat to.

Shelby said his message barely made sense but he told her things such as she was in love with and dancing with the devil, adding that she was recently saved and she needed to pay God back.

The young woman then said that she was raised Catholic and did not want the video to be seen as a slight against religious people. She said she just wanted to show the setting was just not appropriate for the situation.

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