A 93-year-old man is being forced out of his home by the Queensland government to make way for the upcoming Brisbane Olympics.

Trevor Connolly has lived in Coorparoo, Brisbane for more than 80 years, having lived in his house with his late wife for 60 of those years.

However, the retired electrician, who is battling dementia, has been told by the state’s Department of Education that he has until Christmas to be out.

Mr Connolly told Nine News that his father-in-law had built the house.

“My father-in-law built the house and we’ve been living in it ever since,” he said.

According to Mr Connolly’s daughter, Anne, her father’s health has taken a hit since the news was given to him.

“Dad’s health has declined a little bit because of all of this,” she said.

Having lived in the house for so long and raised his children, all Mr Connolly wants to do is remain in his home.

“I don’t have much option,” he told The Courier-Mail.

“I’ve gone quite a few years here now without my wife so I might as well have the rest [of his time] here. I’d just like to stay here for the short amount of time that remains. It’s as simple as that.”

The Education Department sent him a resumption notice last week.

It came after months of “back and forth” negotiations between the state government and Mr Connolly, with both sides at odds with the value of his property.

A land resumption, also known as an acquisition, is something that can only be done by a government authority for a public purpose.

According to the state government’s website, “all levels of government sometimes need to acquire privately held land to provide services and community facilities”.

These can include parks, schools, hospitals and roads.

In Mr Connolly’s case, the state government wishes to use his property as an access road for the new East Brisbane State School, which is in turn being relocated to make space for an Olympic stadium.

The Education Department told Nine News in a statement that Mr Connolly’s property was the only one it required.

“The government is committed to negotiating in an open, compassionate and conciliatory manner,” the statement said.

A spokesperson for the Education Department told news.com.au that “decisions to acquire land are not taken lightly”.

“The department is investing $100 million to relocate East Brisbane State School as a stand-alone school with state-of-the-art facilities on the Coorparoo Secondary College site, which is less than 2km away from its current site,” it said.

“This requires acquisition of one residential property to ensure safe pick up and drop off zones can be created.”

The Gabba upgrade is one of 37 competitive venues that is part of the state government’s plan for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Queensland government is funding $2.7 billion needed for the redevelopment of The Gabba.

Construction is projected to begin in 2026 and take up to four years to finish, with the aim for it to be ready for use by 2030.

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