A voice note regaling the “traumatic” details of a hen’s party gone wrong has blown up online, prompting an investigation into the claims.

People around the world have been horrified by the disturbing screen recording of a voice note conversation between two female friends in the UK that has been widely circulated on social media.

Those unlucky enough to have stumbled across it while scrolling were left reaching for a sick bucket as it recounted the sordid details of a woman who accidentally engaged in a sex act with her own dad (yes, you read that correctly) while on a hen’s party in Amsterdam.

The two family members were said to be on different trips visiting the tourist destination, when both unknowingly partook in a popular sex club attraction, which takes place behind a screen.

The obscene blunder quickly gripped the internet, eventually catching the attention of an investigative journalist at Vice, who set out to unearth whether the “hard to believe” incident was just that.

In order to get to the bottom of the ordeal, Jordan Mayers contacted four venues in the city’s red light district that contained areas where attendees could receive sex acts from strangers without seeing who is performing them.

As per the story, the father and daughter involved were allegedly able to “push a button” to reveal who they were enjoying a dalliance with, which enabled Mayers to narrow down the search to just one venue.

“Is there a button you can press to see the person on the other side [of the partition],” Mayers can be seen asking the popular sex club in a video posted to the official Vice TikTok.

“No,” an employee at the club clearly states.

With just one word, the horrifying story of a woman accidentally pleasuring her dad was proved to be a myth, though there were some who didn’t want to write off the tale just yet.

“I’m sure not venues [with that service] in Amsterdam are legal and available to see online,” one user stated.

“To be honest, I worked in a hotel in central Amsterdam for 10 months years ago, and would not at all be surprised if it was a true story,” another argued.

Another agreed, stating: “Windows like that do exist in Amsterdam, with frosted glass that clears when you pay for shows etc.”

However, there were many that expressed relief the “shocking” incident had been debunked, stating it had “ruined” their day after hearing it.

“Thank God this story isn’t true, it is too distressing,” one lamented.

“I’m so relieved,” another agreed, as someone else stressed: “Hearing the original nearly ruined my night.”

Others thanked Vice for clearing things up, while some couldn’t believe such drastic measures had to be taken to prove the internet was having a field day, though many more argued the story was enjoyable – regardless of whether it was true.

Before being proven as “fake”, social media users had flooded TikTok with their reactions, many pleading for the father and daughter to come forward.

No comment sums up the dad and daughter sex act saga better than this: “Think we’ve all had enough social media for one day.”

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