An Underbelly star is pleading for the safe return of his sister-in-law after she was filmed begging for her life while being held hostage by Hamas militants in Israel.

Dan Mor, an Israeli-Australian actor said his 40-year-old sister-in-law, Moran Yanai, attended the Supernova music festival which was stormed by gunman in the country’s south on Saturday.

The jewellery designer had been invited to set up a retail stand at the festival, where at least 260 bodies have since been recovered.

Speaking to 9News, Mr Mor, who appeared in Underbelly: The Golden Mile said Ms Yanai called her father about 7am, telling him “they were being shot at”.

“Then I think at 8.30am she spoke to her mum, saying that they’re hiding, they’re being shot at,” he told the outlet.

“Then we lost contact.”

Desperate for information, he said the family reached out to authorities and combed through social media for any answers pointing to the whereabouts of Ms Yanai, who he described as a “peace-seeking loving artist”.

They eventually came across distressing footage posted by an anonymous TikTok account, showing Ms Yanai begging for her life while Hamas militants shout in the background.

In a post on Instagram, the actor said his family have been “shattered and broken since we saw the video where Moran is trembling with fear”.

He added his sister-in-law was originally excited about selling jewellery at the festival on Saturday.

“She was so thrilled about it! And looked forward to selling the jewelry [sic] she designed and made by hand. Excitement turned into a journey of agony when Hamas took over the event, an unfortunate end we all know.”

As the conflict continues, Mr Mor, said told 9News he still has faith his sister-in-law, a dual citizen, will be returned safe, and is calling on world leaders for help.

“Please help us, we are in pain, a pain that is unbearable especially alone,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Help us share and call for international community intervention. This is the only chance, maybe still existing, to save Moran and all the innocent people trapped in this nightmare.

“World leaders must take action and help us against this hell, to bring them home safely.”

Over 1,200 people have been killed and 150 taken hostage in Israel after Hamas launched their surprise attack over the weekend.

Israel has retaliated by raining air and artillery strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza for six days, claiming more than 1,400 lives.

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