An American couple has divided the internet after revealing they’d drawn up a lengthy contract for their long-distance relationship – entitling them to “sue each other” if either party acted outside of it.

In a since-deleted TikTok video that amassed a whopping 1.8 million views, Devon Motley shared the mammoth document, detailing a list of rules to abide by while living apart from her boyfriend, Geren Gathright.

“POV: you and your bf write a contract so if anything goes wrong you can sue each other,” she captioned the clip, along with footage of Gathright signing the paperwork.

Apparently the pair are big fans of the TV show Suits. Judging by the size of this thing, they’ve perhaps taken their enthusiasm for the legal drama a little too far.

“By signing this agreement, you acknowledge the following terms,” the so-called “LDA” begins.

“Neither party is allowed to end the relationship until 09.01.2024 unless there’s a breach of one of the violations listed below.

“Violation 16: Cheating, including but not limited to: sleeping with someone of opp. Sex, having any sexual contact with the opp. Sex, messaging or calling the opp. sex with sexual innuenodos or ill intent.

“Violation 17: Slander against either party including in this contract; complaining about your relationship, speaking poorly about your partner etc.

“Violation 18: Neglect of participating party’s emotional or physical state. Therefore, a lack of reassurance would be considered under this violation.”

The contract continues that both Motley and Gathright are “required” to do the following:

“All issues with the opposite party are REQUIRED to be brought to the attention of the party in question,” it reads.

“Arguments must result in a resolution, apology and closing action of affection (long distance will require a gift of some sort to be ordered to each party’s home).

“Location must always be turned on.

“Every call seen must be answered.

“We must call at least once every day.

“Keep in continuous contact throughout the day.

“Always give extra reassurance.”

Among the many things bestowed upon us by the Barbie movie is the concept of the “long-term, long-distance, low-commitment, casual girlfriend”. Whatever Motley and Gathright are doing sounds like the literal opposite – even if the document isn’t notarised (and therefore not legally binding).

Before the clip was taken down, viewers flooded the comments, split over whether the couple’s contract was genius or deranged.

“Incredible. I wish I did this,” one wrote.

“Upload the document so I can use it,” demanded another.

“Girl I’m going to need this,” said a third.

Others (rightfully) said the agreement was “insane”.

“I mean this is so extra to me because if you have a good partner this should not be needed,” one pointed out.

“The location one is insane,” a second wrote, while a third person labelled it “psychotic behaviour”.

If you do find yourself seeking a bit of extra admin in your own relationship – whether you and your partner are a country or merely a suburb apart – fear not: Motley is selling LDA Long Distance Relationship Contracts online, starting at just $US0.99 ($1.53).


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