After a US mum got dirty looks from fellow parents in the school pick up line, she decided to send them a signal.

She knows her attire angers them and she doesn’t care.

Mum-of-three Katie Tradie (@s***_mums_club) is known for her unfiltered take on motherhood and admits, when it comes to parenting, she’s just “winging it”, The Sun reports.

Although many applaud her attitude and her authenticity on TikTok, she said that her behaviour has also garnered some critics in real life.

In a video, she revealed a look that stirs up problems.

“Got my new school pick up outfit … #EndMotherShaming,” she began.

The blonde beauty rocked nose piercings, a beanie, and a sweater that said, “Good mums say bad words.”

Sick of the judgmental mums, she said she planned to keep wearing this “with pride.”

Viewers couldn’t’ get enough of her realness.

“How do I follow you twice,” one person gushed.

“I need one of these! My children attend a Christian school and I’d love to see some faces,” another quipped.

“Well played,” noted a third.

Katie isn’t the only mum that gets strange looks at the school gates, however.

TikToker Katie Harman (@harmany82) said she, too, used to garner the attention of other mums – but it was for a different reason and, 20 years later, she finally understands why.

“Getting stares from other mums at the school gates because I was the YOUNG mum,” she began in a video.

She looked at the camera in confusion, with a serious expression on her face to mimic the glances from the other mums.

When the frame changed however, she said the roles were now reversed.

“20 years later standing at the school gates realising I’m the OLD mum.”

Wearing a hoodie and matching shorts, with her hair in a bun and glasses on her face, she looked tired and disappointed as she sang along to the song lyrics: “I cry just a little.”

Kate used the clip to signal the nostalgia she now felt watching the younger mums drop their little ones off.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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