A woman has slammed the “audacity” of a tradie after he left her a note asking her if she wanted to “have some fun”.

Maceon McCracken, from North Carolina, took to TikTok to share the story after she found a note while helping out her husband Colton at his furniture store he opened last month.

“Sometimes I go and sit in the office section and work and, if there are multiple people in there, I’ll come out and be an extra set of hands,” she said.

She said the newly opened store was getting fans installed and her husband was busy with customers when the electrician came in to make some adjustments to one of the fans.

Woman reacts to sparky's note

Maceon decided to jump in and move some sofas and beds out of the way so he could access the fan easier.

She asked the electrician to help her move one of the beds and he made a comment that made her take pause. But she brushed it off.

The realtor then went back to the office and shut the door to continue her own work. A short time later, she says, the electrician came into the back office to wash his hands in the bathroom.

However, when he came out of the bathroom, he told her that she was “gorgeous” and it “broke his heart” to find out that she was married.

He was quick to add her marital status didn’t bother him in the slightest and if she wanted to connect he had stuck a note inside one of the furniture items she’d moved out of the way for him.

“I was so caught off guard, so I didn’t really say anything,” she said.

She didn’t make mention of it as the man was halfway through the job. But when her husband came into the office she told him what had happened.

She told her TikTok followers the electrician then came into the office a second time but she was on the phone and ignored him.

Eventually, she had to go to the front of the store as she didn’t want to be in the office on her own any longer.

The electrician eventually left and Maceon did indeed find a note stuffed in the couch telling her to contact him if she wanted to.

She said she was stunned because not only was she married but she was married to the man paying him to be there.

The young woman said normally she’d pay it no attention but several buildings in the block are being renovated, meaning the electrician would be around and she “shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in a place of business”.

When Maceon showed the note to her husband, he confronted the electrician. She says he quickly apologised.

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